Celeb Hairstylist Shares Simple Hair Dryer Trick To Pump Up Hair Volume

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Seriously, where has this hair trick been all our lives?! 

If, like us, you're always looking for ways to add volume to your hair, celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh is about to blow your mind. 

"What a lot of people don't realize is that a little bit of a product and a blow dryer can make a big difference to getting a nice lift into your hair," Harry says. 

Most people wonder why there's a cold shot button on their hair dryers, he continues — but there's a reason. "Typically hairdressers are the only people that know this," he explains. 

To start, Harry grabs a section of hair from what he calls the "mohawk" section of the hair (from the temple all the way back). 

He then blasts hot hair by the root after applying a volumizing product. (Harry likes to use his very own Harry Josh Pro Dryer and the Dream Big Volume Spray by Serge Normant.) "Once you feel the hair is hot and it's dry," the hairstylist to the stars explains, "you are going to switch that button to cold and blast it with cold."

"What the cold is doing is it's freezing that hair texture so it stays in that shape," Harry says, "so when I let go, it stays in that shape. No teasing!" 

The end result?

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