Hairstylist to The Stars Answers: How Do I Fix My Thin Hair?

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Chris Appleton is the man behind the manes of the some of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers. But today, he’s here at the show to help a few of our viewers with their “hairiest” problems.

Viewer Barbara from New Jersey always complains that her hair seems thin and lifeless. Even after styling, it just falls flat! But what can she do to get the bouncy, vibrant ‘do that we all see in magazines or on TV?

First, Chris recommends skipping the fancy volumizing shampoos that promise shine or texture.

"We put so many silicones in shampoos and conditioners; it restricts the hair from growing though," he explains.

To demonstrate, Chris scraped Barbara’s here with a scissor blade—you can *literally* see layers of yucky residue coming off! We were SHOCKED.

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Instead: Use a sulfate-free shampoo, which won’t coat the hair with chemicals and residue and simply cleans the hair.

Second, Chris recommends using velcro rollers. "They’re a great way of giving you volume and a little bit of shape without compromising the condition," he says. (Fellow stylist Tabatha Coffey has sung their praises on-air, too!)

To use rollers Chris’s way, simply dry, roll, then pin your hair and let sit for at least an hour. Right before heading out the door, remove the rollers, then fluff and spray your hair with hairspray.

Voila—plenty of shine and bounce!

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