This Mom of 4 Has Had the Same Hairstyle for 40 Years—Until Rach Herself Chopped It Off

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Viewer Kristi from Virginia Beach, Va., is an active mom of four boys with a spouse who works out of town. Her days are spent keeping up with the kids and managing a busy household—which doesn’t leave much time for herself.

When she buys clothes, she shops at garage sales and well, doing her hair? Let’s just say it’s been 40 years…

No, really. Kristi’s long, straight style has been the same for more than *four* decades!

When she colors it, it’s DIY from a box, and she always wears it in a bun. Haircuts? Well, she does those with her *kid’s scissors*—OMG!

But now, this mom is ready for a head-to-toe change. "I'm constantly doing things for everyone else in my life. I’m so ready to do something for myself for a change," Kristi says.

YES, Kristi, YES.

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We let Chris Appleton, a celebrity hairstylist -- who’s worked on the tresses of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and more --take the reins, and you won’t believe how he transformed Kristi’s look!

Watch the video above for the AMAZING full reveal.

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