How To Chop An Onion Quickly, Safely + Evenly Using a Hair Pick

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Rach is the first to admit that she doesn't chop onions the "right" way. She has her own method for cutting onions the Rachael Ray way, and it works well for her! So when it comes to chopping hacks and double-duty kitchen tips in general, she's always eager to learn.

Christine, a viewer from Pennsylvania, taught us all a totally unexpected way to chop onions safely, evenly and quickly — using a hair pick. Yes, a hair pick!

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Obviously, you'll want to use a brand-new, clean hair pick. Peel your onion and keep it whole, then push the hair pick into the center of the onion. Holding the top of the hair pick, you can then carefully use your knife to slice the onion in between the tines of the pick. This ensures that you have even slices, which is perfect for making onion rings, Christine points out.

If you're chopping onions, rather than just slicing them, you'll want to start with a halved, peeled onion. Take one onion half, stick your pick in the center like before, and slice between the tines the same way. After you're done slicing, rotate your knife and make one horizontal cut in the center of each onion quarter. Then, still holding the pick, chop away!

(If this sounds confusing, it's not. Watch Christine demonstrate her technique in the video above.)

"My hands are nice and clean," Christine points out. "I don't smell [like onions], I smell great." Amazing!

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