Model-Off-Duty Hair: How To Get The Cool "Lazy" Undone Look In 3 Steps

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Playing Model-Off-Duty Hair Tutorial | Celeb Hairstylist Harry Josh

Some people want glass-like straight hair, others want bouncy curly hair — but some want something in between.

And that's what celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh — who's done the 'dos of stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele Bundchen and Priyanka Chopra — calls the "model-off-duty" hair.

"A lot of girls want that model-off-duty hair," Harry says. "The 'I didn't style my hair. I want cool texture. I don't want it to be curly, I don't want it to be wavy' [look]."

So, how do you get it? (Yes, even though it's often referred to as a "lazy" look, you can actually style it that way.)

"You're going to need a lot of product," the celeb hairstylist says. "Hairspray is a friend of yours."


  1. Start off by coating your dry hair with hairspray and then brush it out. 
  2. Repeat those two steps a bunch of times.
  3. Then, use a flat iron with floating plates — so they move with you — to get that final tousled look. 

Watch how Harry uses the iron:

"This is the anti-perfect 'I don't do my hair, but I've got great hair' hair," Harry says. 

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