How To Dress Up a Black Outfit With Accessories From Rach's New Online Store

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A little black dress is a closet staple, but as chic as all-black outfits are, there's nothing wrong with wanting to spice things up every once in a while, right?

That's exactly what a viewer named Tiffany — a teacher whose entire wardrobe is black — wanted to do! So we called in Marie Claire's Fashion Editor-at-Large Zanna Roberts Rassi to help her step up her style — and upgrade her Instagram game, too!

Here's where we started:

Instagram Before Picture
Rachael Ray Show

The answer to dressing up an all-black ensemble like this? Accessories, of course!

"We are going to take basic to absolutely brilliant with a few key accessories," Zanna promises.

And she's using accessories from Rachael's new Moxie Made shop to do it!

"Like with any good recipe — Rach knows this — you want to start with something that's your statement, it's your base," Zanna says.

So she grabbed a gorgeous statement necklace, making the red in that necklace her base.

After that, she gave Tiffany two magnetic bracelets which are so easy to put on since they don't have a clasp.

Next up, a gorgeous silk bandana. And instead of using it as a neck scarf or hair scarf, Zanna loves to tie them to handbags. She added it to Rach's Concert Crossbody bag.

To transition that look from day to night, she added some show-stopping — yet lightweight — earrings to the mix.

And voila — an entirely new look!

Instagram After Picture
Rachael Ray Show

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