How To Enjoy Work + Stay Motivated, According to Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran

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Self-made millionaire and businesswoman Barbara Corcoran says she's often asked how to compete in the job market and stay motivated, not stagnant, at work.

She shares her own personal trick, which she says she's been using successfully for her whole life.

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"I wake up sometimes and I don't like my job anymore — I think everybody does," the "Shark Tank" investor says. "And when you don't like your job, I think it's a result of not having change and not doing things you're good at."

We all like doing things we're good at, right? 

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So, Barbara says that every six months or so, or whenever she's feeling negative about her job, she'll make a list.

She draws a line down the middle of a piece of paper, and on one side, lists out all the things she loves about her job. On the other side, she writes down everything she hates to do while at work. 

Then, she goes back to work and tries to come up with solutions for each of the things she doesn't enjoy. Ask yourself: "How do I get rid of this?"

Barbara's best advice is to advocate for yourself. Ask to do more of what you enjoy and are good at, and delegate tasks that you don't like as much.

You never know — the thing you hate doing at work could be someone else's favorite part of their job.

"You won't compete with anything at all (and win) if you're doing stuff you're not naturally good at," she says. "It's a great formula, but you have to assess all the time."

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