How To Keep Your Dog From Chewing Up All Your Shoes

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The last thing anyone wants after buying an expensive pair of shoes is for their dog to chew 'em up. But we all know it happens! And if you think your pup is a hopeless case, think again.

What does celebrity dog trainer and author of Lucky Dog Lessons, Brandon McMillan, suggest? Tying a shoe to your dog's collar. (Yep, you heard us!) 

"It's reverse psychology," Brandon explains. "For the first 15 minutes, the dog loves the shoe. 30 minutes later, the dog's like, 'Okay, this is getting kind of boring now.' 45 minutes later, the dog never wants to look at the shoe again." 

So. Smart. 

"I've given this advice to people all over the world," he continues. "It stops it in a week or two."

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