The Best Way To Keep Your Dog From Stealing Food Off The Counter

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If your dog is a notorious food thief like one viewer's pup named Nala, the author of Lucky Dog Lessons, Brandon McMillan, advises you to nip those counter-surfing ways in the bud ASAP. (Watch Nala really go for it in the video above!)

"This can be very dangerous for a dog," Brandon says. "There could be chicken up there, chicken bones, which [are] potentially fatal to a dog." 

His simple solution? Invest in a baby monitor — to have eyes in the kitchen whenever you're not there — and fill a water bottle with 20 pennies.

Every time you see your furry friend jump on the counter through the baby monitor, open the kitchen door and shake the bottle of pennies.

"This sound will stop her from getting on the countertop," Brandon tells our viewer. "You want her to be convinced that every time she puts her paws on the countertop, she's sending a signal to you magically to jump in the room." 

Do this consistently for about a week, the pro dog trainer says, and you'll be golden. 

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Plus, there's another way to teach your pooch impulse control — and all you need are two leashes. 

Tie one leash to a chair in your home and take control of the other one. Place food in front of your dog, like a pork chop, and say "no" while gently pulling them to the side and pushing the food farther away. 

"I'm using no force whatsoever," Brandon says. Watch him demonstrate in the video above.

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