How to Make an Edible Charcuterie Board Out of Focaccia Bread

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While we obviously love food here at the show, we clearly have not been dreaming our most scrumptious dreams hard enough, because it wasn't until @socialspreads' Amanda Starley made us this that we even knew such a thing existed.

Please say hello to your new and forever true love: the edible cheeseboard.

Yes, Amanda's cheeseboard is completely edible, thanks to a genius swapping out of a board for a delectable focaccia base.

(Truly, where has this been all our lives?!)

And all you really need is store-bought dough and a little foresight to bring it to life, as you need to put your foil-covered "placeholders" in place pre-bake. This way, when it pops out of the oven, you already have grooves for the snacks that need them. (So smart!)

Plus, she teaches us how to make what you have to put in the middle groove: a salami rose! *puppy eyes* (You can also see how to make a prosciutto rose here!)

Watch Amanda bring the edible cheeseboard to life in the video above—and happy snacking!

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