How to Make a Pack-Your-Own Lunch Station for Kids

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How many minutes do busy parents spend prepping and packing school lunches every day? LOTS. (It’s not a riddle, or a trick question — it’s a fact.)

But what if if you could get those minutes back? Just imagine how much more time you’d have in the morning for, well, everything else!

Well, organizing pro Peter Walsh has a genius kitchen hack to help busy parents streamline their households’ morning routine that gets your kids involved in the process, too.

“Getting your kids’ lunches together and getting them out of the house easily and quickly in the morning can be achieved by a thing I call ‘cold organizing,’” Peter says.

Alright, Peter, we’re listening — so what, exactly, is “cold organizing” ...?

The idea is to set up an organizational system in your fridge that can help your kids pack their own lunches in the morning.

This sounds like every parents’ dream!

To streamline the lunch-packing process, Peter recommends having several containers designated for lunch items, each one filled with an item that you can prep the night before, such as sandwiches, a healthy snack or two, juice boxes or other parent-approved lunchtime drink for your kids.

That way, in the morning, when they’re on their way out the door to school, your kids can go to the fridge and pack their own lunches by simply choosing one item from each bin.

And while the kids are doing that, you can get other tasks done — and teach them a thing or two about responsibility, too.

Amen to that!

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