How to Store Garlic—The Rachael Ray Way

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If you know anything about Rach, you know that she LOVES garlic. (In fact, she often jokes that it's all she smells like! ?)

Since she's been cooking at home, Rach has given our viewers an inside look at her food storage habits — from sharing her freezer lists to explaining that she keeps cleaned, cut and prepped veggies, herbs and spices on hand at all times.

Speaking of which, one viewer had an excellent question about where to store garlic once it's prepped.

Q: The garlic that you prep ahead of time…do you refrigerate that or keep it at room temperature?

A: "I keep garlic at room temperature in its jacket — in its full bulb form. When I take the jackets off and trim the end of each clove, I keep that in the fridge in a little container," Rach says.

Easy enough!

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