How To Treat Sunburn, According To a Dermatologist

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Playing How To Treat Sunburn At Home | Rachael's Dermatologist Dr. Anne Chapas

In an ideal world, regular sunscreen application would prevent us from ever getting sunburnt. Unfortunately, it does happen—so what's the best way to treat a sunburn?

We're asking Dr. Anne Chapas, Rach's dermatologist, for her best tips. Get the dermatologist's summer skincare routine and favorite products here, and read on to see what she recommends using to treat sunburn.

How To Treat Sunburn

"The most important thing is to treat it as you would treat any other burn: with hydration and anti-inflammatory-type lotions," Dr. Chapas says. "One of the best ones is actually aloe."

The best option is to use aloe vera straight from the plant if you have access to one, or you can buy aloe vera gel or lotion. Keep in mind that there are many formulations of aloe, the derm points out.

"What you're looking for is one like this one that says 100% aloe," Dr. Chapas says. "You really want a high quality of aloe that can reduce inflammation as well as hydrate the skin. You want to make sure that the aloe that you have doesn't have anything that's going to irritate the skin, such as fragrance or caine anesthetics or alcohol."

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel, Unscented

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel, Unscented


You can apply 100% aloe vera gel twice a day if your skin is a little red and inflamed, according to the dermatologist.

When To See a Doctor For Sunburn

"If it becomes blistered or is really covering the majority of your body, though, that's a good time to contact your doctor," Dr. Chapas says.

For more summer skin advice from Dr. Chapas, check out her tips for how to prevent and treat heat rash here.

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