Is It Safe to Go to the Emergency Room If You Need to Amid the Covid Pandemic? A Doctor Answers

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Dr. Darien Sutton is an ABC Medical News contributor and emergency room doctor with over 950,000 followers on TikTok. Rachael is quick to agree this doctor knows his stuff and is very generous with his knowledge on everything from nosebleeds to migraines and more.  

Rachael doesn't waste any time and goes right in for the question of the hour, which of course involves the Covid pandemic, and specifically, ER safety amid the spreading variants. When she asks Dr. Darien if he would feel comfortable going to an ER himself if he was in need, he quickly assures her that this is a very common question and says, "my personal perspective is that the ER is quite a safe place."  

He cites high healthcare worker vaccination rates and proper mask protocol as reasons an ER shouldn't be a place that is feared, regarding Covid exposure if someone needs immediate attention.

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