How to Stop a Bloody Nose (+ what NOT to do), According to a Doctor

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Bloody noses—they're inconvenient and messy, but for many of us, they're just part of life. The good news is ABC medical news contributor and ER doc Dr. Darien Sutton (who has over 950K TikTok followers!) says stopping a nosebleed is pretty simple.  

"This is a common problem that patients experience often," he says. "Although it's common, it can be quite scary, especially when you see that blood."  

The Dos and Don'ts of Stopping a Nosebleed, According to a Doctor 

DO: Bend forward (you can even just bend your neck forward, Dr. Darien says) and pinch your nose at the topmost part of your cartilage. 

"In your nose, there's that hard nasal bone at the top of your nasal bridge," Dr. Darien explains. "You can feel where the bone ends and the cartilage begins. That's where you want to apply that pressure and pinch while you're leaning forward." 

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DON'T: Peek! It's tempting to check and see if what you're doing is working, but resist the temptation, Dr. Darien says. Once you let go of the pressure, it can stop the clotting process. 

DON'T: Blow your nose, even though you might feel stuffed up.  

When to Worry About a Nosebleed 

  • If bleeding is persistent 
  • If you feel weak, dizzy or faint 
  • If the bleeding comes from both nostrils 

These are concerning signs that mean you should go seek help at the ER, according to Dr. Darien.  

He does share that if you do have a nosebleed, he recommends hydrogen peroxide to clean any mess on your clothes.  

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