Is Rachael The Tree On The Masked Singer? Here's What She Has To Say

Photo credit: FOX

It seems like people really, really want Rachael to be on "The Masked Singer!" Last season, everyone thought she was the Raven — and this season, many viewers are convinced she's the Tree. (One of the celeb judges even name dropped Rach during one of the Tree's performances!) 

Well, when Dr. Drew — who was (spoiler alert!) recently unmasked as the Eagle on the FOX show — visited, he had to ask Rach about the rumors. 

"I would never do that show in 10,000 years for any amount of money," Rach says. "I would never be brave enough."

Her response isn't unlike the one she had when Joey Fatone — who was unmasked as the Rabbit last season, despite him denying it when he was on our show (we know, we know, he had to!) — asked her about the Raven rumors. 

"Not only [are people suggesting that I would] put on that creepy costume, which scares the hell out of me," Rachael joked earlier this year, "but that I would go on television with this goofy voice and sing anything!"

We stand by what we said back then, too — we think you would rock it, Rach! (And you never know, she still could be the Tree. After all, like we said, Joey Fatone denied it ...  ?)

Tune in on Tuesday, November 5th, for Rach's full chat with Dr. Drew. Check your local showtimes here.

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