Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg on Husband Donnie Wahlberg's Workout Photo: "He's Like Another Type of Human!"

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If you've been wondering what ultimate lovebirds Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg have been up to, well, spoiler alert! They're now seven years married and just as in love as ever.

"I can't believe we've been married for seven years," says Jenny, who is returning as one of the judges on the upcoming 6th season of "The Masked Singer." "[It's] a good thing, because it feels like it's only been about a year. Everything is still really exciting."

Even when they're apart, the love is strong! "We still FaceTime sleep together every night if we're not together," she says. "I can't wait for him to come home. My friends think I'm crazy! [But] we're just lucky in love."

It probably doesn’t hurt that Donnie's staying in pretty great shape at 52! "I know men have it easier because they age, you know, like 'fine wine.' But he's like another type of a human being," says Jenny, admiring a shot of her husband flashing his abs on Instagram. Meanwhile, she jokes, "I'm, like, taping pieces of my body together!" (Ed. Note: Obviously, Jen, you also look amazing!)

Speaking of getting older, though, here's a fun fact about Jenny's son, Evan: Not only is he now 19 years old and in college (yes, we felt that, too!), but he, too, has love in his life. "He's got a girlfriend that's he's in love with," Jenny gushes.

The sweetness!

For more from Jenny—including their idyllic summer, which included a vow renewal (!) at their new lake house—watch the video above! And catch Jenny on "The Masked Singer"!

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