Job Hunting During Covid: Interview Advice For Older Candidates, From "Shark" Daymond John

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As we all know, job loss has been one of the incredibly unfortunate byproducts of the Covid-19 pandemic. But if anyone has invaluable advice for job seekers, it's businessman, author, motivational speaker, and of course, a well-known investor on the hit ABC show, "Shark Tank," Daymond John

Question: "I've worked in the advertising industry for over 30 years but lost my job due to Covid. It's been almost a year now and I still don't have a job. I have plenty of experience but feel like I can't compete with younger candidates. My question is ... What's the best way to pitch myself in an interview, knowing I'm the oldest guy there?"
– Ted, viewer 

Daymond's Answer: "The main reason I went on 'Shark Tank' is because if I wasn't on 'Shark Tank,' I would've been doing business the old way all my other colleagues are doing it — making a shirt, maybe a store buys it. I learn more on 'Shark Tank' now. Here's the best thing — you do have experience, and just like the 'sharks,' we all know the fundamentals of business, so now we're just trying to find the younger generation or people [to help us] execute in a different way. When you're walking in the room [or a virtual interview], are you educated on the new way of advertising? You know the fundamentals of it, but do you know digital marketing? Do you know content creation? During this pandemic, I have a 28-hour course that I've been going into for digital marketing, because even though I have great marketers around me, I want to know myself. I want to keep educating myself. So I think that that's probably what you should do. Take these digital courses out there on digital marketing, on Facebook advertising, on pay-per-click. Then, be able to go into the room and speak like the young kids, but with 30 years of experience — and then you're invaluable."

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