Katherine Heigl Reveals CGI Effects Helped Her Play 20-Year-Old As a 42-Year-Old In "Firefly Lane"

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Katherine Heigl's Netflix show, "Firefly Lane," follows a decades-long friendship between two women—portrayed by Katherine and co-star Sarah Chalke—beginning when they meet at age 14 in the '70s.

"I do not play that portion of this show," Katherine laughs, "but they did make me play the 19-, 20-year-old version. And I was like, 'Do you guys have good CGI [computer-generated imagery] because…' Yeah, we had to use some CGI. I feel good about myself at 42, but I know I don't look 22. We were starting with the face tapes and stuff and I said, 'This doesn't make us look younger. It makes us look like we've had very bad face lifts and we can't close our mouths.' So we've had to move more into the digital realm of softening."

The actress also spoke about her upcoming film with Harry Connick Jr., "Fear of Rain," saying: "I'm gonna be totally honest, I'm afraid to watch it. I'm not a big scary movie person, like that gets stuck in my head. And reading the script versus seeing it are two totally different things, but I loved the material."

Plus, Katherine and Rach bonded over their shared passions—they are both huge animal lovers and advocates for pet adoption. Katherine and her mom started the Jason Debus Heigl foundation in 2008. The foundation works to end animal cruelty and abuse, and was named to honor the memory of Katherine's late brother, an animal lover who passed away in 1986.

And like Rach, Katherine is also married to a musician. Her hubby, singer/songwriter Josh Kelley, closed out our show with a performance of the title track from his new album, "My Baby and the Band."

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