Katherine Heigl: Playing a Selfish, Crazy Character Was ‘Weirdly Freeing’

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Playing Katherine Heigl Talks About Her Adorable Kids

Katherine Heigl has a lot going on (to say the least). The actress and mom’s creepy new movie “Unforgettable” is in theaters and she has an adorable brand-new baby boy.

Heigl gave birth to son Joshua (named for his dad, Katherine’s husband of 10 years, musician Josh Kelley) in December, and big sisters Naleigh and Adalaide couldn’t have been happier to welcome him. Katherine tells Rach, “They are so excited, they’re too excited. In fact, I have to kind of beat them off with a stick, [saying] guys, I got this!”

Baby Joshua has hit the road with her to promote “Unforgettable,” which both Rach and Katherine warn is off the charts when it comes to the creepiness factor. Katherine stars as a jilted wife who is not happy when her ex-husband comes home with a beautiful new girlfriend, played by Rosario Dawson. Her character doesn’t take it well, and goes a bit cuckoo, which Katherine found fun.

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“Women have a tendency to try to make other people happy and take care of other people’s needs and that’s not Tessa,” she says about her character. “Tessa is all about Tessa and what she wants, and how she’s gonna get it at any cost. There was something sort of weirdly freeing in that.”

Katherine also enjoyed shooting intensely physical fight scenes with Rosario, which she says isn’t something female actors get to do all the time, and loved working with Cheryl Ladd, who co-stars as Tess’ cold-as-ice mother.

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If grappling on-screen and raising three kids wasn’t enough, Katherine also has an animal advocacy foundation that funds no-kill shelters around the country. “We want to stop the senseless killing of all these healthy adoptable animals,” she says. Click here to find out how you can help.

Watch the video above to see some adorable snaps of Katherine as a child model, and to see more photos of her adorable family, and check out the video below to hear more about “Unforgettable.”

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