Mask Accessories & Features To Look For That Make Fashion Face Masks More Comfortable + Convenient

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Wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 is a no-brainer. And as part of this new normal, retailers big and small have started selling their own reusable cloth masks. But did you know there are also mask accessories and special features aimed at making them more comfortable and convenient for everyday wear? We checked in with a few of our most fashion-forward friends, and they're sharing their favorite fashion face mask features and the convenient accessories they're obsessed with.


No. 1: A Dark Lining To Prevent Makeup Transfer Mishaps

Fashion editor and journalist Zanna Roberts Rassi says she loves this camouflage mask from Tafari Wraps for many reasons. "Number one, the coolest prints ever. Number two, it's double-lined with the option of adding in a filter. Number three, it's cotton so you can throw it in the washing machine and it's good to go. Number four, it has this great dark lining, which is great [for when] you don't want any makeup to transfer. And number five, this print is perfect for fall."

Fashion Mask Pick: Tafari Wraps Rebel Camouflage Mask, $18

Tafari Wraps Rebel Camouflage Mask
Tafari Wraps

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No. 2: Adjustable Nose Bridge

Lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario says his go-to tie-dye mask from Aeropostale is "super comfortable, because it has an adjustable nose bridge and adjustable straps for your ears." It comes in a pack of two that includes one trendy tie-dye mask and one mask in a solid color.

Fashion Mask Pick: Aeropostale Tie-Dye & Solid Mask 2-Pack, $6

Aeropostale Tie-Dye & Solid Masks

But if your mask doesn't have a metal nose bridge, don't worry — you can buy these.

Product Pick: Metal Nose Bridge Strips With Adhesive Backing, $6.88 for 100

metal nose bridge strips with adhesive backings and Tommy putting a nose strip on a mask
Amazon/Rachael Ray Show

You can fit any reusable mask with one of these stick-on adjustable nose strips. "I like to put them on the inside of the mask — that way, you don't mess with the fashion on the outside of the mask," Tommy says.

No. 3: Adjustable Ear Straps

Cara Jammet, Rachael's stylist, shows off this pretty floral mask from one of Rachael's favorite boutiques in New York, OTTE. "One of the things that makes this mask so special is the beautiful Liberty Cotton Print," she says. "It's got two layers of fabric, the nose piece is lined with metal and the ear pieces are adjustable so that way you can get a nice, snug fit."

Fashion Mask Pick: OTTE Floral Rain Face Mask, $28

OTTE Floral Mask In Green

No. 4: Mask Holder Chain

"The other thing that I'm obsessed with is this mask chain," Cara says. "It makes it so easy — so you can just put your mask on, take it off, and you don't have to worry about finding a place for your mask [and you're] not putting it in a dirty bag." 

Product Pick: Etsy Mask Chain, $8.81 - $13.50, depending on style

mask chain

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Prices listed are subject to change by the retailer.

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