Meet the Adorable Pup Whose Long Ears (13.38 Inches!) Landed Her a Guinness World Record

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Rach says that when she first saw a picture of her new pup, Bella Boo Blue, one of the first things she fell in love with was her floppy ears.

But when it comes to floppy ears, doggy Lou from Oregon must take the cake!

Lou + her adorably long ears.
Rachael Ray Show

Lou's ears are so long and lovely—a whopping 13.38 inches, to be precise — that they've actually been honored in the Guinness World Records for the longest ears on a living dog. Isn't that wild?!

And here's the kicker—it runs in the family! Lou's great-grand-uncle previously held the title. (We know, it's all too cute!)

Lou's human, Paige, a vet tech, says that she hopes that Lou inspires dogs and humans alike to embrace their uniqueness and love the things that make them different—hear, hear!

To celebrate Lou's big win and Paige's beautiful message, we're sending the little lady a year’s supply of Rach's dog food, Nutrish. Congratulations, lady Lou—long (get it?) may you reign!

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