Michael Strahan Adds Cute New NFL Clothes For Women to His MSX Line

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When Rach checked in with Michael Strahan over video chat, the two of course talked about football and the New York teams they each support.

"In these times, sports are a distraction, something that I think we definitely need right now," Michael says. Rach agrees, and she also had to call out the New York Jets t-shirt and hoodie she was rocking during their conversation.

"This is part of a new venture—you've teamed up with the NFL—and I am wearing MSX by Michael Strahan for NFL. It's exclusive men's and women's clothing," Rachael says. She points out that she especially loves the hood and thumbholes to keep her cozy up in the mountains.

Michael says he was involved in the entire process, and that it's "been an incredible venture."

"It's full circle for me, because you play in the NFL, you retire, you do other things… And now to be back in the NFL fold with this clothing line, it's fun. I love being a part of it," he says. "Everything I do I have to touch it and be a part of it, because it's real and it's authentic."

Michael shares how he's especially excited about adding women's wear options to the collection. "This is great, because this is the first time with the lines that I do have, that we have women's. Because I have daughters, I have my mom, and they're like, 'We're tired of wearing men's stuff. We want something for us.'"

"It's nicely cut for the female, and I think that that's important… It's all performance fabric, so anti-wicking, they have UV protection in them, they're soft to the skin, soft to the touch," he says about the line.

"I have very limited exclusive pieces for QVC and Home Shopping Network," Michael says about where to buy his new women's wear. "You can support your team even though right now most of us are supporting our teams from home since we can't be at the games."

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