Michelle Obama Isn't Doing Quarantine Haircuts, But She's Doing Her Own Pedis & Waxing

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When former First Lady Michelle Obama Zoomed with Rachael to discuss the importance of voting, we had to ask her how quarantine has been for her, President Barack Obama (he planned a surprise quarantine date!) and their two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Well, Mrs. Obama has recorded "The Michelle Obama Podcast" and knitted her family hats, mittens & more — but one thing she hasn't done? At-home quarantine haircuts.

"I'm not doing haircuts," Mrs. Obama tells Rach, "but I am doing all my own manicure, pedicures, waxing. I've been doing those kind of things. I've stayed away from haircuts and things like that, because we're going more with natural styles."

She isn't doing anything fancy with her nails either, though, because 1) pedicures aren't as easy as they look, and 2) she's been doing a lot of swimming throughout the pandemic. 

"Oh my God, my legs are so long … I'm tired of bending over," the former first lady jokes. "I have to take a break, come up for air, because I'm reaching down. It's like, 'Okay, I get why [you get] pedicures as you get older.' You just can't reach your feet."

"I cut my nails down though, because it's like you either have them long and well done, or you have them short," she goes on. "I've also been swimming. I've been swimming every day. My nails, because of the water, are a little … softer. I just cut them down. I'm not even really focused on my hands until the lights on the world come back on. Everything is au naturel."

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