Michelle Obama On The "Awesome Responsibility" Of Voting + Her Thoughts On The Upcoming Election

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama wants to make voting cool again. While talking to Rachael about the upcoming presidential election and the importance of voting, the two reminisced on learning about democracy and government as kids through "Schoolhouse Rock!" songs like "I'm Just a Bill."

(Watch the video above to see Mrs. Obama and Rach sing a few lines from the song, proving they both still remember!)

"This is what we grew up with, 'Schoolhouse Rock,'" the former first lady says. "We think that somehow young people should grow up wanting to do something that they haven't been told that they should want."

"We have to make it cool again," Rach agrees.

"Setting that tone starts at the top, really does. The top isn't just the White House but it's all of us as parents and leaders and role models and icons," Mrs. Obama says. "We just don't have those discussions anymore about the importance of voting. A lot of civics classes have been taken out of the curriculum. A lot of young people aren't being raised with a conversation about our democratic process and understanding how our democracy works, and the three branches of government, and state and federal separation of powers, and what the Supreme Court stands for. So many people don't know because we haven't made it a priority like we did growing up."

And while on the topic of growing up, the former first lady also talks about voting with her father when she was little. "I remember voting with my father, who voted in every single election," she says. "My father had MS and that meant he could only get around with the assistance of a cane or crutches, and later he was on a motorized cart. But even as he struggled to walk down to a polling place that wasn't necessarily suited for somebody with a disability, my father never missed an election ever, ever."

"And I thought, 'Oh my God, this is such an awesome responsibility. And my father is taking this incredibly seriously.' Like you, when it was time for me to vote, I did it with enthusiasm and pride," Mrs. Obama tells Rachael.

"We can't take it for granted," the former first lady says about the privilege and responsibility Americans have to vote. "I think we have work to do in our culture to do that. We can't just talk about voting every four years just a few weeks before the election."

"But importantly, people should vote. Regardless of who, vote," the former first lady stresses.

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