My Husband Spends Too Much Money Eating Out — What Should I Do?

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Food fights are common in a relationship — and no, we don't mean the kind where you're throwing actual food at each other. (We're adults, after all!) 

We're talking the kind where couples can't agree on how to spend their hard-earned money when it comes to food. How many nights a week should you eat out as a family? Should you pack lunch five days a week or give yourself a break on some days? Do you make your own coffee in the morning or shell out $3 a day? You get the idea. 

Well, a viewer named Jessica turned to us (and self-help expert Dr. Drew Pinsky) with that very marital issue. 

"[My husband Thomas] makes all the money and I am a stay-at-home mom [who's] in college," Jessica tells Rach and Dr. Drew. "I do all the budgeting and pay the bills." 

Jessica spends $300 a week on groceries for their family of five, she explains — but she says Thomas then spends $50 to $70 per week on fast food, coffees and pizza on top of that.

The couple is hoping to save money to remodel their basement — a goal that Thomas says he's completely on board with — but Jessica is worried that he's blowing their budget. 

"I kind of feel like if I work hard for the money, then if I want to eat something before, during and after work, then I should be able to do that," Thomas explains. "Don't get me wrong, I work for them, but if I'm hungry, I'm going to buy something to eat."

Dr. Drew's advice? Have Thomas manage the budget for a month.

"When he sees where the money goes in reality, when it's concrete and black and white, it'll make a big difference," Dr. Drew explains, "provided that he's actually genuinely bought into the goals that you have." 

Ah, the ol' walk a day (or month) in the other person's shoes advice — we like it!  

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