Postpartum Hair Thinning: How to Add Volume to Your Hair After Pregnancy

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Looking to make your hair more voluminous? Our viewer Ashley suffering from postpartum hair thinning certainly is. And Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness (known by JVN for short by fans) says she's not alone. In fact, post-pregnancy hair thinning is something that a lot of people face—so he has a multi-pronged approach to give your hair the volume it's been missing. (FYI—Jonathan makes his own volumizing products!) 

JVN's product suggestions... 

A volumizing shampoo and conditioner. JVN suggests going for an option with bamboo in it. "Bamboo is rich in silica, which is salt, which helps to absorb oil, so it will help your blow-dry and your air-dry styles last longer," he says. So, if you suffer from oily hair, using a shampoo and conditioner like this can be great for that as well—not to mention all the good it will do for the volume and thickness of your hair.  

Pre-wash scalp oil or pre-wash treatment. "Also, a pre-wash scalp oil of some kind or a pre-wash treatment is really helpful to nourish your scalp and your new growth." Specifically, Jonathan recommends going for one with caffeine. "Caffeine will help to increase blood flow to the scalp, which makes your roots more perky," he explains. 

JVN's technique suggestions... 

Try some air dry styles. "There are these really cool things where you can put a little bit of mousse or a volumizing spray or an air dry cream of some kind, and then you can take a handkerchief and cut it in strips. Then, wrap your hair around a strip of the handkerchief, roll it up, tie the handkerchief at your hair, go to sleep, wake up, take it out, and you'll have big, gorgeous ringlets," JVN explains. This is one tip that will give your hair a break from the heat—not to mention give it tons of volume as well. 

Remove the blow dryer nozzle. If your hair is a little bit finer Jonathan suggests removing the nozzle on the end of your blow dryer. "That's going to help to get your hair bigger and fluffier." He does note though that the nozzle is helpful for smoothing curly or frizzy hair, so don't abandon it if your hair falls into those categories. He also says flipping your hair upside-down while blow drying can help to add volume.  

Curl your hair in small sections. Looking to curl your hair to give it more thickness? Taking little sections is the key to more volume. But Jonathan reminds us that it's crucial to always use heat protectant whether you're using a blow dryer or a curling iron or any other type of heat on your hair—without it, you could be looking at massive breakage.  

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