Pregnant Fashion Blogger Liz Eidelman Reviews Le Tote's Maternity Clothing Subscription

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If there's one thing that probably stumps every mom-to-be, it's how to dress her constantly changing body.

(That, and, of course, just how do these diapers work anyway?)

But! There may just be something out there to make the maternity clothing struggle a little less of, well, a struggle.

Say hello to Liz Eidelman, the fashion influencer behind NYC-based life and style blog

We asked the blogger, who boasts just over 22,000 on Instagram (@lizeidelman), to test out one of the increasingly popular style subscription services, Le Tote.

Specifically, we asked her to see how well their maternity options worked for her.

And she came back with a full review!

Maternity Dos and Don'ts

So, first, just how does Le Tote work?

Like many online style services, you take a quiz that helps the company narrow down your style. But what makes Le Tote a bit unique is that they send you your options online in advance, so you can pick and choose, and know exactly what you'll be getting in your box.

And these pieces? They're rentals. So you wear it, see how you like it, then send them back — potentially particularly useful if we're talking maternity clothes, as you probably won't need those forever. But of course, you can also buy what you like — and, the company promises, you'll be purchasing at a discounted rate.

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So, how well did they deliver on their promise?

Before the pieces even arrived, Liz said, "I have to say, I'm pretty impressed by their selections, because I didn't give them a super-narrow niche and they managed to choose pieces that were really nice."

And once all five items — a stretchy green dress, a printed tee, a floral boho blouse, and a pair of patchwork denim jeans — arrived?

Maternity Makeovers

She felt the blouse was "even prettier in person than it was on the website, and that the quality of all the pieces was "really nice."

The only snag? She anticipated that the printed stretch skirt, which the company suggested she order a medium in, would be too big. She avoided that by switching the size to an extra-small in advance, but she is an expert, after all!

Her final verdict?

"I would definitely use this service throughout the duration of my pregnancy," says Liz. "I'm not sure if I necessarily need it for after I give birth, but for now, it's been a great way to kind of transition my wardrobe out of the basic cotton maternity t-shirts that I'm seeing everywhere."

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