Questlove On Being Asked To Make a Playlist For Michelle Obama — And Why He Included 1,200 (!) Songs

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No surprise here, musician Questlove is great at making playlists. So when Michelle Obama requested one for her "Becoming" book tour, he went ALL OUT.

(He shared the deets over bowls of popcorn, some seasoned with Rachael's Cheddar-Dill spice blend and some with Questlove's Popcorn Seasoning.)

"Basically, I've been obsessed with getting a second chance," Questlove says. "I did one of the last parties at the Obama era White House. They had the time of their lives but I was hard on myself and thought I could do a better job — I'm very insatiable when it comes to performance, even a DJ gig."

So when the former first lady then asked him to curate a 25 to 30 song playlist for her tour, the "Roots" drummer and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" house band member took his shot.

"I kinda overdid it though. I would up curating about 1200 songs," Questlove noted. "Well, because, the book is so inspiring I figured why don't I score her life?"

And lucky for us, the playlist is on Pandora and Spotify. We know what we are listening to next!

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