Rachael Surprises a "30 Minute Meals" Crew Member With an Astounding 30-Minute Makeover

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You've heard of a makeover, no doubt, but have you heard of a man-over (AKA a makeover for a man)?

Well, Rachael surprised her long-haired culinary production assistant, Max, with a 30-minute makeover in honor of the return of "30 Minute Meals."

(And since Rach calls Max her "daytime husband," she was VERY excited for this.)

28-year-old Max has been growing his hair out since the seventh grade, and luckily, he was on board and ready for a change.

"I believe what Rachael has in line for me is cutting my hair, shaving my beard, trimming [it], and I can't imagine what else she has planned for me," Max says. "It just seems right and it feels right to make this happen."

Rach brought in one of our fave style gurus, former "Queer Eye" star Kyan Douglas, to transform Max's look. Max and Kyan both agreed it was time for a shorter 'do because Max's hair was thinning on top.

"The contrast with the long hair and the thinning doesn't work," Kyan says.

So what does Max look like now? Watch the reveal in the video above. (Rach's reaction is one for the books!)

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