Rachael's Favorite Bagel Sandwich Ideas That Go Way Beyond Plain Cream Cheese

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Take your bagel sandwich toppings to the next level with three delish ideas for breakfast, brunch or lunch, straight from Rach's home kitchen.

"I run a bagel lab here on the weekends. I do all kinds of bagels and I could not choose a favorite out of all the many, many that I do," Rach says in answer to a viewer question about her favorite bagel order. She might not be able to pick just one, but lucky for us, she did go on to share three of her bagel sandwich creations — and they all sound equally delicious.

1. Asian-Inspired Bagel

"I do this gorgeous Asian-style bagel with pickled ginger on top, ginger, garlic, scallion, toasted sesame, shiso leaf. I put it on toasted poppy seed," Rach says.

2. Bagel with "The Works"

"I do the everything cream cheese on everything bagels with salmon, capers, dill, shaved cucumber, tomato, like 'the works.'"

Everything bagel topping is huge right now! Get Chef Ryan Scott's homemade Everything Bagel Seasoning recipe here.

3. Italian-Style Bagel

"John wanted Italian for dinner but he wanted a bagel for breakfast, so I just did pepperoni cream cheese bagels with scallions, garlic, fresh oregano, parsley, grated pepperoni in the cream cheese on a toasted sesame or toasted everything [bagel] with micro basil all over the top of it," Rach says.

"You had me at pepperoni cream cheese," John chimes in. Us too, John. Us, too.

"The great thing is, once you get into cooking even a little bit, you don't have to pick and choose favorites ever again. Because you can make them all. Just put them in rotation," Rach adds.

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