Rachael's Favorite Restaurant in Tuscany is Where She + John Had Their Rehearsal Dinner 16 Years Ago

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Rach's love for Italy runs deep, and Tuscany is especially near and dear to her heart. It's where she and her husband, John, got married 16 years ago. They've been back since to renew their vows, and more recently, to work on renovating their Italian dream home

So when a viewer came to Rach and John with the question—"Going to Tuscany in October, where should we eat?"—we were eager to hear the answer ourselves.  

"You should eat at our villa, because Rachael makes the best food in all of Tuscany!" John says. (Aw!) "But setting that aside..."  

"Boccon DiVino in Montalcino," Rach says. "Where we got married," John adds. 

"Where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding 16 years ago, and where we are taking all of the folks that are helping us work on the land we bought there over three years ago," Rach continues. 

"Beautiful place, with the most stunning views you've ever seen," John says. 

Rachael and John in Italy
Jeff Lipsky


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