Record-Breaking Animals: World's Slowest Mammal, Largest Rodent + Oldest Living Land Animal

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Did you know that it's not just people who can be record breakers? As it turns out, animals can hold titles too! And our friend and zoologist Jarod Miller brought three animals who've secured their place on that special list to visit our studio.


Everyone knows that sloths aren't the quickest critters, but did you know that their sluggish tendencies have crowned them "the world's slowest mammal?"

"This animal is so fast that it travels .07 miles per hour," Jarod (sarcastically) says. "It's the slowest animal on record by far."

Sloths spend their lifetimes hanging upside down in the trees, and want to know another fun fact?

"They are so slow that they only go to the bathroom once a week," Jarod says. They climb down their tree and pick a particular spot to go to the bathroom because their waste actually populates the forest.

(Depends on what you consider a fun fact, I guess! ? )

So not only are sloths the slowest animals on record, but they're what Jarod calls, "gardeners of the forest."


Capybaras (who are most similar to guinea pigs) hold the title for "the world's largest rodent." Jarod brought his capybara friend Javy to the studio and Javy was very focused on eating the corn Rach was feeding him. Why?

"Rodents nibble on everything," Jarod says. "The reason they nibble is unlike any other animal in the world. Their teeth are constantly growing. If they don't nibble, their teeth get too long."

Not to mention, Javy's back toes are webbed and he has features that allow him to swim underwater for 30 minutes!


"There was a tortoise that lived over 280 years," Jarod tells Rach. "Can you imagine what these guys have seen? A lot of them are living dinosaurs."

Dozer is a sulcata tortoise — a desert tortoise — and he blends right into his landscape. Tortoises also have their own built-in armor to save them from predators.

These animals are truly amazing!

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