How To Search For Remote Jobs: Tips From "Shark Tank's" Barbara Corcoran

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We love "Shark Tank's" Barbara Corcoran for her no-nonsense attitude and relatable job advice — like how to enjoy work and stay motivated. So when it comes to understanding how to start looking for a remote job, of course Barbara has a set of questions to ask yourself first.

1. Ask: What am I good at?

"You have to realize there are so many more jobs from home, so the pickings are more [plentiful]," Barbara says. "But I think the smartest place to start is sit down and make a list of what you're good at. Everybody's good at something," the "Shark Tank" investor says. "And, what do you like to do? People always do better at what they like to do than what they don't like to do, obviously."

2. Ask: Is this skill marketable?

"Then, you have to look at that list with a little bit of a sharp business eye and say, 'What on this list would people be willing to pay for?'" Barbara continues. If you have good people skills, for example, you could be a great fit for a customer service job.

"You can talk with people? Get paid for talking to people. And, you can do it in the comfort of your home," Barbara points out. "Any gift you have, you have to think about what's the marketable version of that gift?"

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3. Ask: How can I improve upon my existing skill set?

Once you've narrowed your focus, take applicable online courses so you can stand out as a candidate when you're ready to apply for jobs. "Get yourself up-to-speed so that you can offer and make money on [your skills]," Barbara stresses.

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