See Inside Barbara Corcoran’s Stunning NYC Apartment: Gorgeous Terrace, Huge Kitchen + More!

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Barbara Corcoran is showing off with help from popular TikTok star Caleb Simpson (@calebwsimpson), who has over 6 million followers. 

Recently, Caleb — who has gone viral for asking New York strangers for tours of their homes (including THIS young woman who lives in a converted van parked in Brooklyn and an LA resident whose apartment costs only $39 a month) — approached the “Shark Tank” star and got a tour of her stunning Manhattan apartment. 

Barbara tells Rach that she’s been a fan of Caleb for quite some time and because her apartment “happened to be clean that day,” she invited him in.  

“I got lucky on that. I was dying to show off my apartment and he is charming and he is very persuasive, so I let him in,” she says. 

The business pro says she first saw the apartment around 26 years ago when she was working as a messenger at night.  

“I fell in love with it. And I said to the lady, ‘I'd like to come back and buy this one day.’ She laughed in my face, but I came back and bought it.” 

Because it took nearly three decades to purchase the “expensive” pad, Barbara says she wants to show it off to prove that hard work pays off. (Check out her advice for entrepreneurs juggling work + family)  

“I felt I deserved it, I worked for it, and I also wanted to prove that dreams could come true. I worked for all those years wanting that apartment and I finally got it.” 

During the tour, Caleb got to see Barbara’s butler pantry, outdoor terrace, and HUGE upstairs kitchen. 

Caleb even went inside Barbara’s own bedroom and when he asked to try out her bed, she agreed! 

“Okay. This is really comfortable,” he says in the clip. 

See Barbara’s exquisite apartment below: 


@barbara.corcoran Location: Manhattan Occupation: Queen of New York Real Estate

♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy

Living Room/Library 

Barb living room


barb's living room/library

Butler Pantry 

butler pantry

Outdoor Terrace 

barb terrace

Guest Room 

barb guest room


barb kitchen 1


barb kitchen 2


barb kitchen 3

Barbara’s Bedroom  

barb bedroom


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