TikToker Asks Strangers For Tours of Their Homes: One of His Most Memorable? This Converted Van

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TikToker Caleb Simpson— who, with over 6 million followers on TikTok, is known as "this generations MTV cribs". He was looking for human connection after the pandemic and decided to start approaching strangers on the streets of New York asking for tours of their apartments, and posting those tours on the internet for the world to see. And, they absolutely blew up—garnering millions of views! So, by nature of what he does, he gets to see some pretty cool homes—and we asked him to share his most memorable ones with us. This converted van is one of them. 

"Tory lives in a van and she's traveled around the world in a van and she was living in a van in Van Alley in Brooklyn. And a cool thing about her story is that as a female, she got a lot of backlash of like, oh, your brother's going to help you build out this van, or your dad. Or you're going to hire men to help her build it out. And she wanted to go against the grain and build out this van for herself and travel around the world. And she's lived in it for about two years," says Caleb. Tiny homes have been super popular lately, so we can't wait to see Tory's! 

Check out Tory's van... 

Rachael Ray Show

"I am 5'9" and I literally fit exactly. Water system with all the tubing I did myself," says Tory.  

Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray Show

"This is my closet. All of my clothes are from bins and then all my different hobby stuff," says Tory.  

Want to see more? Caleb also shared another one of his most memorable home tours—a $39 a month apartment in LA.  

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