Self-Made Millionaire Barbara Corcoran Refuses to Splurge on These Items

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Playing Self-Made Millionaire Barbara Corcoran Refuses to Splurge on These Items

We always find ourselves learning *very* valuable (literally!) tips from TV "Shark" Barbara Corcoran.

Even though she's a self-made millionaire who can afford almost anything she wants, she stays thrifty (or, as she calls it, "cheap") in a few genius ways by avoiding these splurges:

1. Flying First Class

"I never spend money on a business class or first-class plane seat," Barbara tells us. "Forget it, I'm too cheap!" But, don't worry, she makes coach FEEL like first class. Here's how!

2. Designer Bags

"I just won't spend money on a designer bag," Barbara says.

She explains that even though she's expected to have a $2,000 - $3,000 bag thanks to her millionaire status, what she's really looking for is a cheap bag made out of hard leather (not expensive leather, which, she says, stretches out).

She's had the one in the video above for three years (and had it repaired twice) and loads it up with everything she can think of.

3. Jewelry

All the necklaces you see Barbara rocking on TV? "Don’t fall for it," she reveals. "It's all cheap!" She won't spend more than $30 on any of her jewelry — and best of all, she says, "when you lose it, you don't cry!"

4. Bottled Water

Stacks of bottled water are a no-go for Barbara, who hates carrying the bottles home and loves New York water! "So many people will get all those bottles, and it's a waste!" she says.

5. Office Pens

Thinking of grabbing a few pens at the office to take home? Not if you work for Barbara!

She doesn't buy pens for her company anymore, she says, because years ago, she realized that with 1,000 employees, she was spending $1,000 a month on pens! (That's $12,000 a year, she points out. Yikes!)

"Pens have a way of leaving the office and never coming back," she explains. So now, employees have to bring their own pens. "BYOP," jokes Rach.

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