When She Wants to Own the Room, This "Shark Tank" Star Says She Wears THIS

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Have a big interview? A hot date? A serious need to own the room?

Then, according to "Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran, you should invest in one of these. STAT.

As Barbara explains, when she was first starting out in the real estate business, "I was a woman in a man's world, which makes a difference, and every room I walked into was a sea of black suits and navy-blue suits."

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Which is why she started attending meetings wearing this: "I knew if I wore my skirts short and had a bright red suit on, I was going to get noticed."

Well, the lady does have great gams!

But more importantly, who doesn't feel empowered in red, right?

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The suits said, "She's here!" says Barbara. "They might not know my name — they learned my name eventually — but they new I had arrived."

"It was an exclamation point," adds Rach.

Mmhmm. All of us showing up to our next life moment like:

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