This Email Is an AMAZING Reminder That You Should Always Stand Up for Yourself

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Have you ever felt slighted, geared up to defend yourself and right when the words were on the tip of your tongue, backed down?

All. Of. Us. at some point or another, right?

But this email from "Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran is an amazing reminder why you never should!

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During her latest visit to the show, Barbara told us how she almost lost her "Shark Tank" gig. (Gasp!)

She said she had gotten the job — signed the contract and told all her friends to boot! — when suddenly, a producer wrote her to say, "We've changed our mind, and we've hired another woman."

But Barbara was NOT about to take that lying down!

Instead of sending the producer a letter of acceptance, she sent this incredible email instead:

Rachael Ray Show

"Let's turn this into a competition?" How's THAT for a shark attack?

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And yes, of course, it obviously worked, as she's been on "Shark Tank" nine years strong!

Just a friendly reminder that it always pays to stand up for yourself.

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