"Shark Tank" Star Daymond John Reveals If He's Ever Been Misled By Contestant In the "Tank"

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Standing in front of the stars of “Shark Tank” to pitch your business can be one intimidating experience. Just ask Daymond John.

While visiting the show, the self-made millionaire fielded a question from a viewer named Caitlin from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who wanted to know if he ever found that the information pitched to him and the "sharks" was actually inaccurate.

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“I would say it has to be adjusted about 90 percent of the time,” Daymond says. “I’ll tell you why: you’re in front of five 'sharks.' They’re asking you very tough questions. Big lights are on you and you know millions of people are watching you. Sometimes you stumble over some stuff.”

Daymond says that very few, if any, of the contestants come on the show with bad intentions and he understands that the "sharks’" advanced questioning could cause them to answer incorrectly.

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With that said, Daymond says he has come across a few bad seeds.

“Yes, I have had one or two where I go, ‘Why didn’t you tell me you owed the IRS $1 million?’ They go, ‘You just didn’t ask,’" he tells Rach.

All in all, Daymond explains that most slip-ups are purely by accident.

“Most of the people are inaccurate just because it was happening so fast,” he says. “Most of them have really great intentions.”

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