Should You Be Adding This Accessory to Your Desk Chair To Help Keep Your Spine Healthy?

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Many of us may feel like we could use a chiropractor visit daily due to back and neck pain -- but since that's not always feasible, chiropractor Dr. Dan Eleuteri says there IS something you can try doing at home in between visits.

A wobble disk!

Essentially, it's a balloon-like balance cushion that allows you to rock your hips from side to side and back and forth while sitting down.

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"It helps keep that spine -- those discs -- healthy in between adjustments," Dr. Dan says.

You can even sit on one at your desk at work!

Watch Dr. Dan and Rach demonstrate how to use one in the video above.

(Spoiler alert: It *actually* looks like fun, and it gave our studio audience a good giggle when they tried it!)

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