Simple Wound Care: Should I Cover My Cut Or Let It Breathe? A Doctor Answers

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"So, should I cover this cut or let it breathe?" That's what we wonder every. single. time. we have an open wound. You?

Well, Instagram's favorite doctor and Family Medicine Physician Dr. Mike Varshavski (he has 3.3 MILLION followers), is here to share his take on basic wound care. 

For starters, he says all you really have to do to care for a simple wound (emphasis on the simple) is wash it and flush it out.

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"You don't have to run to rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide," Dr. Mike says, "That's not necessary."

Wait, what?! We don't know about you, but we're calling our parents right. now.

As for the debate surrounding covering wounds or letting them air out, the doc even surprised Rach.

"If we cover the wound and we keep it moist," he explains, "it actually heals faster and you lay down a better quality layer of skin." 

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We're all for healing faster!

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