What To Do If You Get Your Tooth Knocked Out

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Losing a tooth as a kid is exciting, but as an adult? Not so much. (They're called permanent teeth for a reason.) 

All kidding aside, whether it's from a sports injury or a fall, it does happen. And since you ideally want that tooth to go right back in its place, you're going to want to preserve it on your way to the emergency room (and yes, this IS an emergency room trip situation, in case you were wondering). 

So here's what Instagram's favorite doctor and Family Medicine Physician Dr. Mike Varshavski says to do. 

For starters, don't touch the root of the tooth. "That's the most important part to reattach [it]."

Then, "If you can put it back in its socket and go to the emergency room, great," the doc continues, "but if you can't, you want to throw it in some milk."

YES, milk.

"The milk prevents the root from drying out," he explains. So he suggests pouring some in a plastic baggie, along with your tooth, and transporting it that way.

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