Testing Paint Colors: The Cheapest & Most Accurate Way To Do It

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Paint can make or break a room, but it can be difficult to know what the color will actually look like on the wall just by seeing a small swatch. But the alternative — buying the paint and testing it out — tends to be a waste of time, money and materials. 

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"We're so used to putting paint on a wall and then having to throw that extra paint away when we don't like it if we're trying to get a swatch," TLC star Carter Oosterhouse says. 

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Now, there's a better option! A company called Samplize makes large, peel-and-stick paint samples using real paint from many major manufacturers. So, you can see what it really looks like on your wall — without having to commit to a permanent change. And each sample is just $5.95. How cool is that?

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