The Artist Behind The New Painting In Our Audience Waiting Room Hasn't Had a Day Of Formal Training

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This season, we've done something really special here at our show. We ran an art series called "Walls by Women" in an effort to highlight the incredible work of female artists.

"Much like in professional kitchens," Rach says, "I think [women] are underrepresented."

So, four amazing street artists have come to our studio to create beautiful murals in our audience waiting area.

Just look at the amazing work by Leah Tinari, Caryn Cast, and Indie 184.

Now, we are rounding out this important series with a New York-based artist named Lady Pink. And guess what — she's never had any formal training!

Lady Pink got her start in high school by painting the New York subways, and she was discovered at 16 years old.

"Painting on the New York subways was like painting on a rolling canvas," Lady Pink says. "It's the bloodstream of New York, it went from one borough to the other."

After the subways got clean in 1989, though, Lady Pink says everything went above ground and "street art" was born.

Her goal with her "Walls By Women" mural was to empower other women.

"If I have a voice," the artist tells us, "I'm going to use it."

Watch the video above to see Lady Pink's powerful work of art and hear her explain the meaning behind it.

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