The Best Pillow Type For Back Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers and Side Sleepers

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Getting a good night's sleep can be a struggle sometimes—are we right? Well, get this—if you're struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, you could have your pillow to blame. That's right, you could be using the wrong type of pillow depending on how you sleep—and it could be keeping you up at night. 

You can fix it, though—thanks to Dr. Michael Breus, a.k.a. "The Sleep Doctor." He's sharing his recommendations for the best pillow type for you, depending on how you sleep. (Yep—if you sleep on your back, you need a different kind of pillow than side sleepers do.)

If You're a Back or Stomach Sleeper: Get a Thin Pillow   

To minimize waking up in the middle of the night, "The Sleep Doctor" suggests back or stomach sleepers go for a thin pillow. "If you're a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, you want a pillow that's super thin. That way, it's not causing any aching in your lower back," he says. 

If You're a Side Sleeper: Get a Thicker Pillow

Everpillow by Infinitemoon

Everpillow by Infinitemoon


"However if you're a side sleeper, you want a pillow that will make up for the space between your ear and the side of your shoulder," Dr. Breus explains. His favorite pillow for side sleepers is the Everpillow by Infinitemoon. "The reason I like this pillow so much is there's a zipper, so you can change the amount of stuffing [inside] and change the fill however you might want it," he says. 

And if you don't think your pillow is the problem, Dr. Breus has some mattress recs, depending on how you sleep + other before-bed tricks for improved sleep. (Pistachios before bed??)

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