The Best Seat on an Airplane To Avoid Germs, According to Dr. Oz

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We all have our preferences when we fly. Some prefer the aisle seat for a little extra space and an easy exit out of their row. Others opt for a window seat to enjoy scenic views. And a number of folks take the middle seat for cozy comfort.

But did you know there’s actually one seat that can better protect you from germs?

Dr. Oz says taking the window seat is your best bet to avoid getting sick when you fly. And it has everything to do with your distance from other passengers.

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“The way the germs fly and move around in the plane makes you a little more sheltered here,” Dr. Oz tells Rach. “You’re not touching as many people [when you’re near the window]. You’re isolating yourself a tiny bit.”

Dr. Oz says the next best option is the middle seat, but you should try to avoid the aisle.

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Still, no matter where you sit, Dr. Oz suggests a few other things to remember during your next flight.

He says to always use disinfectant wipes (or hand sanitizer and a tissue) to clean the tray table in front of you, your headrest, TV monitor and remote. He also suggests adjusting the air vent to aim it toward your chest. This will spin the air away and keep the germs out of your space.

So the next time you’re flying high in the sky, choose your seat wisely and keep clean.

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