The Best Way To Clean Mushrooms, According To Rachael

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Rach is answering viewer questions about all things pantry and kitchen tips, including this one from Instagram:

Q: How bad is it to wash your mushrooms under running water, and when does wiping them clean matter the most?

A: "First of all, I can't see you, so anything you do in your own home is not offensive to me. It's your home. Your house, your rules," Rach assures us.  In general, though, she says that when it comes to cleaning your mushrooms, "all they need is a little wipe." 

"I don't put them under running water, because if it's a white mushroom or criminis, I find it makes them rubbery," she says. 

Rach also says she always puts her mushrooms away in a paper sack, so just a quick wipe is enough for her. 

"And it gets them browner quicker," she adds. "But, of course, you can do whatever you want."

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