Tim Tebow's Proposal To His Girlfriend Was Straight Out of a Fairytale

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Tim Tebow has an impressive resume. He's an NCAA national champion, NFL quarterback, baseball player, New York Times-bestselling author and now a filmmaker, too. But the first thing he and Rach had to discuss when he came back on the show was his engagement to girlfriend Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters!

Rachael wanted to know everything, starting with whether or not it was a surprise proposal.

"It was absolutely a surprise," Tim says of the proposal. "The problem with keeping a surprise [a secret] is you have to lie a lot. I did not like it!"

Tim set up a bunch of surprises leading up to the proposal itself, and his planning definitely paid off. He invited Demi to his family's farm for a nice dinner, after which he took her outside — where he had set up a gorgeous scene complete with an archway and a wooden bench he'd had engraved with the date they first met.

(We're not crying, you're crying!)

Just wait though, because in Tim's own words, "You gotta hear the best part!"

After he got down on one knee and proposed, Tim played their special song on his phone. The track is by South African singer Matthew Mole (Demi is also from South Africa). As Tim played the song, he and Demi started to dance… and then the singer HIMSELF came out from behind the hay bales and started serenading them. Oh, and the song just happens to be called "The Wedding Song."

OK, now we're definitely crying.

"She was blown away," Tim says. And that's not even all.

While they were still dancing, Tim gave a signal and Demi's parents came out. He turned her around so she saw them standing there, and that's when she started crying.

"She didn't know they were in the country from South Africa," Tim says. "And then we did the same thing with her best friends. All the surprises worked!"

"The men in our audience today are going to go crying out the door … because their wives and girlfriends will never forgive them for not being Tim Tebow," Rach jokes.

Seriously, though, what a beautiful story. We wish these two nothing but the best! ❤️

Watch the video above to hear Tim gushing over his fiancé!

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