"Truth About Murder": The Emotional Story Behind Sunny Hostin's New Show

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You probably know Sunny Hostin as a co-host on "The View," but the journalist and federal prosecutor is sharing a different view as host and executive producer of the new Investigation Discovery show, "Truth About Murder."

The show helps tell the stories of murder victims and their survivors — those fighting to find the people responsible and to keep their loved ones' memories alive.

"I have this huge platform on 'The View,' and I just started thinking about giving voice to the voiceless," Sunny says. "What some people don't know about me is — they know I'm a prosecutor — but I'm from the South Bronx projects. I'm really just an everyday person."

Sunny shares the very personal story behind why it's so important for her to help tell these stories.

"When I was seven, my uncle was stabbed in front of me. And our family never talked about it," she says.

"I know that victims don't talk about these things, and I thought, 'I want to tell these stories. I want to tell the story about what it takes to go from a crime to a conviction. And what does it do to a family? What does it do to a community? What does it do to officers and cops?"

Sunny is on "The View" during the week, of course, but she says that for six months, she'd travel on the weekends. Sunny went all around the country to help tell six different stories and answer the tough, but important questions about each one.

"What happens to the mom who lost her little girl? What happens to the woman who survived it, and how does that shape her worldview? What happens to the cop who worked this case for 10 years and got his guy? How did it change him?" Sunny continues. "I interviewed every single person myself — I thought that was important."

Watch the video above to see two clips from the show and hear Sunny's commentary on each story.

"I cried a lot, but I will tell you … it gave me a greater appreciation for my family. It really, really did," Sunny says.

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